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What bandwidth do I need to run Witherby Connect?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Witherby Connect typical bandwidth usage after the initial eBooks download is very low. For instance:

  • Login: 7.5 kB transferred
  • Access the first cached book: 140 kB transferred
  • Access a second cached book: 136 kB transferred
  • Total: 0.3 MB

The average size for an eBook is about 5 MB, to download only once.
It is recommended to download the library while in port or having access to a good mobile connection. It is also important to make sure that "cookies and other site data" are preserved in the browser cache (see this other FAQ).

If you are using Witherby Connect on multiple computers and on board a vessel or generally have poor Internet connection, you can reduce your bandwidth consumption by using the Export function of the "Library Download" menu. The first computer will still need to download the entire library, but subsequent machines will be able to import the library exported from the first computer.

For the speed requirements, see here.

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